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lebasparsi news base is the first international specialized media of clothing style, art, fashion and clothing, clothing and textile industry in the country, which is the result of the efforts of a group of activists in the field of art, culture, fashion and clothing, and it started its official activity in 2016 .

lebasparsi line media , in the field of collecting, processing, publishing news, analyzing interviews and reports in the form of text, sound and image in the digital environment in the thematic and specialized field of art, culture, fashion, economy and operates on the internet. www.lebasparsi.ir is published.

Pursuant to Article 13 of the Press Law approved by the Islamic Council on 12/28/1364, the permission to publish the Persian clothing news site in the economic and artistic fields in Persian, English, Arabic, Istanbul Turkish, French and German internationally in the form of publication online and in On 09/22/1396, he succeeded in obtaining a publication license under registration number 80506 from the General Directorate of Press Affairs and Domestic News Agencies.

lebasparsi media is managed from within the borders of Iran and in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

lebasparsi news site is not affiliated with any group, party, organization, institution or commercial, economic or political association.

Honesty and speed in presenting news and fairness in writing and publishing analyzes and articles are the top priorities of the Persian clothing news website.

Those involved in lebasparsi assume compliance with all legal laws related to the Iranian press and in addition to complying with the law, they will try not to deviate from the scope of professional ethics and avoid publishing untrue news, avoid insults and slander, and mention news sources. (if quoted) is among these cases.

Therefore, it is allowed to quote lebasparsi by other mass media and other audiences, in order to comply with professional ethics, by mentioning the source.

All the comments sent by the audience of lebasparsi will be carefully read, if there is no conflict with the policy of Persian clothing and Iranian Islamic cultural identity, they will be published and the sender will be contacted if necessary.

 The colleagues of this media welcome the comments of the dear audience in order to fix the content defects and improve the quality of this news media.

Address of the head office: Tehran Province, Tehran, at the end of Nelson Mandela St., Amaniyeh, Golestan Blvd., at the end of Giti Blvd., Moshiri St., No. 22 Unit 1

Postal code: 1966674591

Direct communication with the responsible manager: 09220595632

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